Benefits of intelligent robotic cutting

High yield
Only remove what you need to remove
High capacity
Up to 4 cuts per second per robot
Improved Product Quality
Precise position of the cut and clean, straight cuts
Handle any size or shape
Size or shape do not matter
Low maintenance
Few moving parts and open accessible design
Defect removal
Remove defects from your produce

Download our product range with intelligent robotic cutting solutions for the food processing industry.

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The product range offers you insight into the relevancy of intelligent robotic cutting technology for your food processing line.

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the brains: vision technology and deep learning

Custom made software for all your cutting needs

D-Blade allocates the required cuts exactly where you need them to be by means of Vision technology. The full system is customized to meet the customer's specific requirements, for optimal performance and efficient processing. The machines are flexible and low maintenance, with the ability to make software adjustments. With deep learning, the machine continues to improve its performance and gain experience by recognizing patterns and making improvements to the code. The machine remains up-to-date and its performance is optimized through regular updates from our software developers.

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Integrating D-BLADE in your existing food proccessing line

We can visit your site to assess the current set-up and discuss possibilities to integrate the new line in your process. Our engineers have all the required expertise to offer you a complete turnkey project.

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Introducing the ultimate solution: D-BLADE

The use of a D-BLADE not only ensures the removal of defects, but also streamlines the entire cutting process, providing you with a quick and efficient way to produce a variety of potato products. Revolutionize your product line with the latest cutting technology by delta robots and patented multipurpose blade designs. Experience the next generation of cutting and portioning fruit and vegetables with our Intelligent Robotic Cutting System D-BLADE. Evelate your processing capabilities to the the highest capacity and the most accurate, and reliable results in the food processing industry.

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