Strawberry Solutions

Robotic cutting applications for the strawberry industry

Calyx removal

Based on color and shape, D-BLADE recognizes the exact position of the calyx and determines the optimal cut to achieve the highest yield. During this process, the calyx will be removed from the belt and collected in a bin outside the system.

It will handle all varieties regardless of shape, color, softness and quality.

D-BLADE can process 50.000 strawberries each hour, saving the industry significant labor costs.

Minimize labor

Maximum of 3 FTE’s per system.

High capacity

Up to 2.5 calyx’s removed per second per robot.

High yield

Compared to existing mechanical solutions.

Improved product quality

Clean and precise cuts.

Low maintenance

Very little wear on knives and low operating costs.


Handles all varieties and qualities.


Calyxes cut from strawberry are removed from the system. Automated cleaning functionality for easy cleaning.

New product development / range extension

We are not finished yet and welcome your suggestions.


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